Choosing the right frame

The following primary filters are effective in simplifying your search for the right frame.

1. Gender

filter-gender Choose Men or Women to narrow down your search.
Men: this selection includes both Men and Unisex frames.
Women: this selection includes both Women and Unisex frames

2. Size

filter-size Choose Narrow, Medium or Wide to narrow down your search.
Narrow: below 127mm
Medium: 127 – 140mm
Wide: above 140mm

To determine your size, take a ruler and measure the arm-to-arm distance of your current frame in millimetre.

measuring the width of your existing eyeglasses

Note: If your current frame does not fit well, use it as a gauge towards a better fitting frame.  For example, if your frame currently measures 125mm and it feels small (frame temples are pressed against the sides of your face), go a few sizes up.

Understanding size measurements for frames. 

Sizes are often printed on the inside (left or right) temple of your frame. For example, 50-17-135. The set of numbers represents lens, bridge and temple measurements (in millimetres), respectively. If size measurements are not printed on the inside temple, you can simply measure with a ruler.

reading the measurement

3. Type

filter-type Single Vision: all frames are available for Single Vision option
Progressive: choose this type to filter out frames not available for Progressive option

Other filters (price, material, shape, colour, style, and brand) are available to further refine your search.


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